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Display the main search form and default Featured Products (equivalent to index.php of a standalone installation).

[pto search="Keywords"]

Display search results for "Keywords". This shortcode also supports the minPrice and/or maxPrice attributes, so for example to limit results to products between 50.00 and 100.00 use:

[pto search="Keywords" minPrice="50.00" maxPrice="100.00"]

[pto featured=""]

Display default Featured Products

[pto featured="section"]

Display Featured Products prefixed with section/

[pto atoz="merchant"]

Display Merchant A to Z index

[pto atoz="category"]

Display Category A to Z index

[pto atoz="brand"]

Display Brand A to Z index

[pto product="Product Name"]

Display "Product Name" image and description

[pto prices="Product Name"]

Display "Product Name" price comparison table

[pto reviews="Product Name"]

Display "Product Name" reviews and submit new review form

[pto related="Product Name"]

Display "Product Name" related products

Note: The above can be combined in any order as required, so for example to display the image, description and price comparison table for Red Widget, you would use:

[pto product="Red Widget" prices="Red Widget"]