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API Modules: eBay


Archive contains pto_api_ebay.php

Before uploading, enter your eBay Developers Program App ID, Global ID, Network ID (see below) and tracking ID associated with the network at the top of the script where indicated:

$pto_api_ebayAppId = "YOUR_APP_ID";
$pto_api_ebayGlobalId = "GLOBAL_ID";
$pto_api_ebayNetworkId = "NETWORK_ID";
$pto_api_ebayTrackingId = "YOUR_TRACKING_ID";

eBay Network ID Values

2 = Be Free
3 = Affilinet
4 = TradeDoubler
5 = Mediaplex
6 = DoubleClick
7 = Allyes
8 = BJMT
9 = eBay Partner Network

Upload as:

WordPress: wp-content/plugins/pto/api/pto_api_ebay.php

Joomla: plugins/system/plg_pto_system/pto_api_ebay.php


WordPress: See Advanced Settings

Joomla: See Advanced Settings

API Module Name: