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Introduction for WordPress enables the full "front-end" functionality of Price Tapestry to be embedded within a WordPress installation. In addition, shortcodes can be used to integrate Price Tapestry generated content (A to Z indexes, search results, product information and price comparison tables) inline with any other content on your WordPress site.

Prerequisites for using for WordPress are as follows;

  • WordPress and Price Tapestry must share the same MySQL database. This should not cause any problems as WordPress uses a default table prefix of "wp_" and Price Tapestry uses a default table prefix of "pt_". If you need to move your Price Tapestry database in order to achieve this you can use the Database Tool to easily export and then restore all Price Tapestry settings.
  • Price Tapestry must not be installed in a sub-directory of your WordPress site that matches the container permalink (the WordPress page created to host Price Tapestry generated search results and virtual pages). This defaults to /shopping but you can use whatever you like (see Installation), so if you are installing a new copy of Price Tapestry to use the back end only a sub-directory such as /pt/ would be appropriate.
  • WordPress must be configured to be using a clean permalink structure that does not end in "/" (the Numeric option is ideal) and have the appropriate .htaccess file in place. No changes are required to the default .htaccess file generated by the WordPress administration tool.
  • If using Voucher Codes, level 2 integration must be used (config.advanced.php of your Price Tapestry installation) so that discounts are calculated and the voucher_code field populated in the database at import time.