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Translation and HTML Modification

All HTML output generated by the plugin can be modified under the HTML section of the configuration page, which can be found at administrator > Components > Templates are organised in terms of before, each, and after giving full control over the output. Here you can modify the layout, or simply make changes to the text to translate for your site's language.

n-conditional Elements

The Featured Products/Each, Search Results/Each and Prices/Each HTML templates may contain n-conditional code for display every n'th item using the placeholder %IF_EVERYn%. For example, to start a new row after every 2 Featured Products, the following may be added to the Featured Products Each template:


Additional Database Fields

Price Tapestry makes it easy to add additional product fields to your database. Any field from the products table can be included within the Product/Main and Prices/Each HTML templates using the placeholder %DB_fieldname%. For example, if you have added a "shipping" field to your database, this can be included where required using:


Price / Currency Reverse Order

Some languages represent prices with the currency following rather than preceding the value. For this style of layout the placeholder %PRICER% may be used instead of %PRICE% within the Featured Products/Each, Search Results/Each, Product/Main and Prices/Each HTML templates.