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Affiliate Id

Submitted by kjw on Sat, 2013-04-06 18:05 in

Hi, I have pt up and running. It seems to be working correctly and doing everything you said it would.

I am having trouble adding my affiliate id from Linkconnector. My id is five numbers and I am at a loss as to how to implement it.

Any help greatly appreciated,

Submitted by support on Sun, 2013-04-07 08:38

Hello Kirk,

It would all depend on how you are required to modify Buy URLs in your feeds to contain your Affiliate ID. The 2 most common methods (where the links in the feeds do not contain your actual affiliate link) are;

i) You need to append the Buy URL to the end of a tracking URL.

In this case, over in your Price Tapestry administration area, click Filters alongside one of your Linkconnector feeds and add a new Text Before filter to the Buy URL field. Then, in the text box on the configuration page for the filter, enter your tracking URL, which would normally be something like:

ii) There is a placeholder in the Buy URLs that you need to replace with your Affiliate Id.

In this case, instead of a Text Before, use a Search and Replace filter. On the configuration page, enter the placeholder in the Search box, e.g. "YOUR_AFFILIATE_ID" (without the quotes), and your actual Affilaite Id in the Replace box.

Don't forget to re-import feeds after creating or modifying filters as they are only applied at import time.

Hope this helps! If you're still not sure, if you could perhaps post an example of how your Buy URLs are appearing in your feeds (you may find it easier to turn of Price Tapestry's tracking temporarily to do this by setting $config_useTracking = FALSE; in config.php, and describe how you need to change them into your actual affiliate links I'll check it out further for you..