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Custom Titles

Submitted by fluff on Mon, 2013-04-08 18:11 in

Hi David

What do i have to edit to setup custom titles?

I have tried editing the pto.php file but always seems to stay the same, its driving me nuts!
I can get the meta tags updated just not the page title.

Please help :(


Submitted by support on Tue, 2013-04-09 07:55


Locate the pto_title() function which begins at line 317 of pto.php, and here you'll find where the title is set according to which plugin generated page is being viewed. You should be able to control the titles primarily via the settings (wp-admin > Settings > - see A to Z Merchant Title / Category Title / Brand Title and Product / Title.

These are set by the above function, and then returned via the plugin API to WordPress which should append the title to the site name etc. as defined by your theme. If you want to add common custom content to every page, look for this code at line 449:

  $content = $title." | ".$content;

...where $title is the plugin generated part, and $content is any existing title parts generated by WordPress itself or other plugins, so here you could add for example:

  $content = $title." at Compare Widgets Online | ".$content;

Hope this helps! If you're still not sure, let me know how you would like to customise your titles and what code changes you have tried and I'll check it out with you...