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Adding Extra Fields

Submitted by cclayton on Tue, 2017-10-03 19:58 in

Hi David,

I have added an extra field to my products and these are uploaded to the products part of the DB fine. The challenge is populating it in the price table on the products page.

So for example, in the pt_products table I have a new field called "Pick_Up", and on the Prices section of products page (through the WP Plugin) I have referred to it as %Pick_Up% but its not picking it up and displaying. Can you advise what I need to do to get this populated?

Thanks as always!


Submitted by support on Wed, 2017-10-04 08:26

Hello Chris,

The placeholder syntax for custom fields is %DB_fieldname% and is case sensitive so it must match exactly the case used in the dbmod.php script when adding the custom field, so for example if you have used a field called pick_up then the placeholder would be;


(supported in Product / Main and Prices / Each templates)