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Error Compilation failed

Submitted by Tobix on Fri, 2021-01-08 15:11 in

I have this is error:
Warning: preg_match(): Compilation failed: quantifier does not follow a repeatable item at offset 721 in {code saved}filter.php on line 225.

Almost all the strange products have been deleted because until yesterday everything worked and I did not make any changes to that file.

Submitted by support on Fri, 2021-01-08 15:18

Hi Tobix,

That sounds like a database issue rather than any changes to a file. From /pt/admin/ first check that all feed registration looks OK, and then check Filters / Global Filters for any that have the *RegExp filter types applied...


Submitted by Tobix on Fri, 2021-01-08 15:44

Maybe it's really a filter problem. I keep you updated!

Submitted by Tobix on Fri, 2021-01-08 16:06

problem solved! Thanks