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php v.8.1

Submitted by babrees on Sat, 2023-03-04 14:48 in

Hi David

Just wondering if it will be possible for this to run on php 8.1. I upgraded but it broke so I downgraded again

Submitted by support on Sun, 2023-03-05 11:40

Hi Jill,

I'm publishing updates to core Price Tapestry later this month for PHP compatibility >= 8.1 however with warnings disabled for a new installation there is only 1 change required to setup.php which is to look for the following code at line 9:


...and REPLACE with:


However for the external scripts or the plugin; the compatibility issue may be revealed if you put WordPress into debug mode which you can do in wp-config.php by setting WP_DEBUG to true - if that reveals something let me know what is displayed and I'll check it out further for you...