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Multiple databases from one front end

Submitted by bodybuildingcom... on Fri, 2017-08-11 09:28 in

Hi David,

I am wondering if it is possible to run a UK and a US shopping site from one Worpress installation?
Obviously I would be looking to have two databases, one for the US and one for the UK.

I am looking to have one search box with a drop down box, for people to either be able to select UK or US. I am wondering if the new Wordpress 3.0 plugin supports multiple databases but with one front end? So rather than having multiple Wordpress installations/domains, is it possible to run multiple databases from one frontend.

I have seen you have answered similar questions in the past, although, I could see they were posted in 2011/2012. I would assume the system has gone through quite a bit of transformation?

WOuld it be possible for you to give me a heads up on the best way to achieve this?



Submitted by support on Fri, 2017-08-11 12:02

Hello Norbert,

Multisite support is persisted in version 3.0 although to be honest, I think that separate installations are easier to manage either on sub-domains;

With Price Tapestry installations:

...or in sub-directories.

With Price Tapestry installations;

There isn't really any straight forward way to have a drop-down at the entry point (e.g. search) that would persist through all other queries to maintain association with the same database - something could be achieved with cookies, but that leaves the site in a potentially different state for the same URL (something that is not recommended from an SEO perspective) and further would not provide any route to pages for search engines if the Price Tapestry instance needed to be selected...


Submitted by bodybuildingcom... on Sat, 2017-08-12 10:34

Hi David,

Thank you for the run down on my options.

I think for the time being, I have worked out a solution.

Thanks again for your prompt response.