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Virtual importation isn't hapenning

Submitted by bodybuildingcom... on Tue, 2019-08-06 12:20 in

Hi David,

I am in the process of reinstalling my site and the virtual importation doesn't seem to work.
I do have the setting on virtual and the permalink on numeric. When I do a search on my WordPress side of the site, no results appear.

I do have a feed imported into the pt version of my Pricetapestry.

Could you please check and do a search on my wordpress site: {link saved}

I did change the shopping extension to product.

My pt installation with a feed for prove: {link saved}

Another question I had, if I import the products as posts, can those posts display prices before someone clicks through? For example, customer does a search and all the posts come up like a blog entry, but they cannot see prices before they click on the post. Not sure if there is a way of showing prices?



Submitted by support on Thu, 2019-08-08 10:09

Hello Norbert,

Apologies for missing this post earlier - I see that you have asked regarding the API modules since, if pages are still not appearing in Virtual mode let me know and I'll check it out further with you...